Staying Safe While Traveling

27 Sep

Staying Safe While Traveling

Even those that love travel and have been doing it for years will tell you it can be dangerous sometimes. Of course just because something is a little dangerous doesn’t mean you should stay completely away from it! Think about skateboarders and surfers. Doing what you love doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the dangers of it. Staying safe while traveling is easy as long as you do the research and take precautions. You don’t have to stop doing what you love, you just need to change the way you do it! We all know the basics of staying safe in our day to day world but when you travel things change.Your surroundings and circumstances change, you might not know exactly how to act in a new country or how to stay safe in one. That’s why below you’ll find helpful tips and tricks to staying safe while traveling!


When you’re traveling to a new country it’s best to lay low. Don’t be an obvious American tourist otherwise you’ll become an obvious target! Local criminals can tell who’s from around here and who’s not. Often times they’ll pray on who’s not. A lot of American tourists make the mistake of getting too drunk or being very obviously a tourist with cameras and fanny packs galore. Keeping a low profile and taking in the scene is the best way to avoid unwanted attention. If you’re going to a party or a bar keep an eye on your drink, don’t leave it unattended or take one from someone else. Keep your personal belongings on your person to a minimum, only bring with you what’s absolutely necessary and keep the rest at the hotel, preferably in a hotel safe. Staying at familiar places like Holiday Inn, a name you know you can trust, when you’re travelling abroad is a great way to stay and feel safe.


Keeping yourself safe from theft applies to all parts of the world. Many people know that a thief will try to find an easy target. If you’re walking around with your head down rooting in your bag or looking at your phone, you’d be considered an easy target. You’re not aware, not looking where you’re going. If you forgot your glasses and don’t have your contacts in and can’t see where you’re going, it’ll be obvious to a thief. Before you leave make sure you’ve shopped at 1-800 Contacts so you won’t find yourself in that predicament! Be aware, keep your head up, and look around. When a thief sees someone that sees them, they’ll move onto someone else. Another tactic pickpockets and criminals use is chaos. They’ll stage situations that cause chaos and confusion. In that chaos they thrive. Simple actions like someone stumbling into you or a man almost hitting you with an umbrella can be used as momentary distractions to steal your personal belongings. They often work in teams! Be aware at all times and know where you wallet and important items are.


Learning some key phrases in the native language of the country that you’re visiting can go a long way. It’s helpful in emergency situations and can also make you friends. Many tourists don’t take the time to learn the language and this will make it easier for you on your travels. Duolingo is a great way to learn helpful phrases in a wide range of languages!


Being aware of common tactics for thieves, learning key phrases, and staying vigilant are key elements to staying safe while traveling. Keep these things in mind and your next trip will be a success!