Are Your Surroundings Safe? Radon near me Me

16 Aug

Are Your Surroundings Safe? Radon near me Me

In today’s modern world, chemistry is finding its way into our household from multiple sources. Be it processed food, home improvement items like fresheners and even personal care items like medicines. Radon is such a chemical which is widely present around us. It is a radioactive noble gas which has found its way into numerous everyday applications. The alpha particle of radon, which is a product of the gas as a result of radioactive emission is used in cancer treatment, and radon is also used in the treatment of arthritis. In more everyday use, radon is also found in most luminous articles like glow in the dark bands, lamps etc. But these days, due to the health concerns attached to the gas, The Environment Protection Agency has restricted the use of radon, hence it does not make way to consumer products.

Radon near me

Then where does Radon near me come from? Radon is a product of most radioactive materials found in the earth’s crust and is even found in one of the essential natural resources to humans, water.

How do I fight Radon accumulation

Even after steps taken to control the use of radon, it is very likely one can find radon concentration around them.Radon can escape from the ground via granite flooring and can amass within buildings. Here are some ways to reduce Radon around and mitigate concentrate probabilities-

  1. Sealing cracks in the foundation of one’s house is one of the easiest ways to ensure no radon is escaping into the building. But it is not considered cost efficient as it is impossible to locate every crack in the foundation.
  2. Natural and artificial ventilation is an effective go to. Circulating air within the building either natural air flow via windows or by the use of exhaust fans ensures that the quantity of radon in the structure is minimized.
  3. It is a good practice for one to invest in a gas permeable layer for the foundation when constructing a new house. This allows the soil gases to freely flow below the foundation and not escape out of it into the building. These gases can then be directed out of the house using a vent pipe.
  4. Specialized Radon Reduction Systems can also be installed in homes by contacting builders if above methods do not provide a significant decrease in Radon amounts.

Radon near meWhy is Radon control is so important

One might question “what harm can radon do to me? Which makes it so important to keep its accumulation to the minimum?” .Radon is the world’s 2nd largest cause of lung cancer. Being a radioactive material, it has a property to decay. The byproducts of this process are toxic to breathe. This is because once radon and its byproducts are taken into our lungs, they further get decomposed into “Alpha particles”, which cause the death of cells in lungs and do damage to the organ. These damaged lung cells can mutate to cause cancer in one’s body.

Hence it is strongly advised that radon concentration should be kept in check